Natural body butter with milk of a donkey

Fragrance note: Granny Smith apple, white magnolia flower

Natural face cream with milk of a donkey. A unique composition of only natural ingredients in order to create this very special and advanced face cream. The milk of a donkey helps your skin renew the collagen and elastine fibres and slow down the ageing process. The milk of a donkey is also a natural panacea for minor wrinkles and makes your skin more resilient. The addition of vitamin E protects your skin from free radicals. The skin is not able to provide itself with the optimal level of moisture (especially dry complexion) and that is why an addition of shea butter is irreplaceable. It not only offers your skin complex moisturizing but also protects your skin from the UV radiation. Sweet almonds oil smoothes and firms your skin and leaves a kind of natural film which reduces skin moisture loss. Natural almond oil is a perfect natural emollient. . Sweet almond oil contains large amounts of linoleic and oleic acid, which make your skin more resilient. This unique mixture of only natural oils enabled us to create the special face cream of a texture of a freshly whipped butter, nice and smooth. Each application gives you an unspeakable pleasure

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