Cosmetic Resources

Our cosmetics have been created especially for sensitive and demanding skin types. Our formula is based only on natural ingredients and their properties in order to find the best possible NATURAL solution.


Only natural ingredients of the highest quality are used in our production process. We choose our suppliers very carefully to maintain the highest standard of our products. Ingredients we use come from all over the world. We always make sure about their origin and way they are obtained. We care about the idea of environmental sustainability.

Our cosmetics contain only certified oils, natural butters, extracts, herbs together with gold flakes and diamond particles.

Natural colour palette we use will brighten all your days up and the unique scents will help you relax.

Our products has been tested according to the EC directive 1223/2009.

Our cosmetics are safe to use. We do not use:


  • parabens

  • mineral oils

  • silicone

  • SLES

  • paraffin wax

  • GM ingredients

  • PEG


We customize our products for customer’s satisfaction and product quality.



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