Anti-cellulite cane sugar scrub

Fragrance note:  pear & magnolia flower

Anti- cellulite cane sugar scrub contains apple, coffee and ginseng extracts. Coffee extract has an intense firming effect. It also slims your body and enhances blood circulation which finally accelerates fat burning. Ginseng extract slows down the skin ageing processes, regenerates and rejuvenates your skin. Ginseng is an acknowledged anti-cellulite factor. Apple extract is rich in AHA fruit acids which stimulate skin regeneration, moisturize it and make it silky smooth and sensuous.Sugar particles in contact with water turn into a gentle peeling, massaging your skin and at the same time benefits to blood circulation. It helps nourishing your skin as well. Rice and almond oils together with shea butter and sugar leave your skin silky smooth without using additional balms or creams.

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